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Kenyeh Maintenance Solutions can help you select a unique exterior palette that reflects your preferences and personality, while adding interest, value and curb appeal to your home or commercial property.


Special Projects

Painting and Decorating services, Kenyeh Maintenance can operate as principal contractor under the Construction and Design Management Regulations, as the sole point of contact for you.


Painting Services

We offer total proficiency in a wide range of traditional, modern and safety finishes for industrial and commercial uses. Our highly skilled and experienced painters ensure that all projects are carried out to agreed timescales and to specification.

Welcome to Kenyeh Maintenance Solutions, LLC


Kenyeh Maintenance Solutions, LLC is here to help! I work very hard to handle all small handyman projects for my customers with quality and efficiency. You have a busy life and I want to make that busy life easier by completing the projects you do not have time to do. Call me today to book an appointment with us!

Kenyeh Maintenance Solutions has provided professional interior and exterior painting services to customers all around Snellville.

For 5 years, homeowners, contractors, interior designers and business owners have come to rely on the tough, yet attractive finishes provided by Kenyeh Maintenance Solutions.

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